Slightly Altered performed by Synchrodogs

Green Stag is pleased to invite you to the solo exhibition of the “Slightly Altered” Project performed by the artistic duo Synchrodogs that will be held on March 7th at 18.30 in Milan, via Altaguardia 11.

Office Project Room is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Synchrodogs. The Ukrainian duo will present their new project called “Slightly Altered”.

Working on ‘Slightly Altered’ project artistic duo Synchrodogs went into a one-month trip across the Carpathian Mountains to discover how far people managed to intrude into the territories that were meant to be wild. People have always been shaping natural forces around them. But is there a limit of resources the Earth would allow us to use? “Slightly Altered” is a reflection on how much we are intertwined with nature – changing the environment, we change ourselves.
The project is about the interdependency of humans and nature and the new ways the Earth begins to look as a result of our interventions into the environmental processes.
Creating installations meant to live for a single day and photographing them before they decay, Synchrodogs’ images preserve vistas that are—sadly—likely to be irrevocably altered by the next generation. An abstract reflection on human exploitation of nature, the project is also a visual message about the importance of education – not the one about numerical or verbal literacy but the one that teaches us to appreciate nature and to live our lives with awareness, responsibility, and care.

Curated by Giangiacomo Cirla and Matteo Cremonesi
Organized by PHROOM